At Cornwall Art Studio we offer a relaxed and informal environment to develop your artistic skills. Have a look at the paintings in our Gallery to see art that has been created by participants in our Workshops, some of whom have never painted before.

All of the paintings have been completed in a 4 hour workshop.


Mussels 27.04.2016: Brilliant workshop - we love this theme! Superb work by our artists today.


Michelle Gibbons

Jenny Tucker


Lauren Taylor

Amanda Adams


Leeanne Brinklow




From the Dunes 26.04.2016: Such a wonderful subject exploring seas, skies, sands and grasses - some fantastic paintings!


Ria Cole

Becki Weedon


Elizabeth Barnard


Di Pescod

Heather Bishop


Linda Hallwood

Michelle Coombs


Caroline Clarke




Padstow 20.04.16: Such a challenging subject for a 4 hour workshop, so we have a number of 'works in progress'. But keep an eye on this page as we will update as we receive photos of the finished paintings.


Ria Cole (work in progress)

Jenny Lugg (work in progress, large canvas)


Anne Beswetherick (work in progress, large canvas)

Alan Lowe (work in progress)


Hazel Maclaren (large canvas)

Janet White (work in progress, large canvas)


Jean Lyons (work in progress)

Annick Buller (work in progress, large canvas)


Country Walk, Hills & Trees: Very busy session today with some wonderful compositions involving trees and country paths. With a longer demonstration to take in the many varied aspects of this subject - we covered stone walls, streams, hills, different sorts of trees and much more.


Alan Karn (work in progress)

Jane Farrow


Becky Rees

Delia Robinson


Debbie Gifford

Michelle Gibbons


Loraine Kenney (large canvas, work in progress)

Di Dumpleton


Pam Wetherall




Sea Creatures 13.04.2016: Completely different from yesterday's workshop! A variety of subjects today, focusing on composition & different brush techniques.


Jenny Lugg (work in progress)

Martine McPherson


Sheila Skinner

Dyl Dawson


Trees Nicholls

Loraine Kenney


Carolyn Ramsbottom




Seascapes - ideal for beginners 12.04.2016: Vibrant workshop today with a longer demonstration than normal and some fantastic paintings produced.


Alan Karn

Alan Lowe


Caroline Clarke

Di Pescod


Loraine Kenney

Nina Paternoster


Paul Oldham

Sara O'Toole



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. : Workshop Feedback

      Went to my first workshop today - and absolutely loved it.
      It was such a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I'm really looking forward to my next one.





. : Workshop Feedback

      How I love coming to the is a very relaxed place to paint. You have inspired me so much, every time we come to stay in Cornwall, I try and get to a session.


      I come away full of enthusiasm.


      Janice Bone