At Cornwall Art Studio we offer a relaxed and informal environment to develop your artistic skills. Have a look at the paintings in our Gallery to see art that has been created by participants in our Workshops, some of whom have never painted before.

All of the paintings have been completed in a 4 hour workshop.


Harbour Wall 24.02.2016: Today we were looking at Cornish Harbours and several participants chose larger canvases to work with.


Annick Buller
(large canvas, work in progress)

Janet White
(work in progress)


Jenny Lugg
(large canvas, work in progress)

Karen White


Lorraine Lehan


Sam Hewitt

Hazel Maclaren (large canvas)


Seahorse 23.02.2016: a workshop that produced some very colourful paintings! Great fun and a theme we hope to repeat again the future.


Caroline Clarke

Jenny Tucker


Judy Wood

Lauren Taylor


Leeanne Brinklow


Bring Along A Scene 10.02.16: A session where all the participants brought along a photo that meant something to them!


Annick Buller

Caroline Kelly


Carolyn Ramsbottom

Debbie Gifford


Elizabeth Smith (work in progress)

Jenny Gardner (work in progress)


Nicole Collis

Nikki Hatch (work in progress)


Paint it Big! 09.02.16: Focusing in on an object - a detailed study. Such a wonderful session & hopefully a theme we will run again. Some amazing paintings!


Di Pescod


Dale Jones

Elizabeth Smith


Jenny Lugg (work in progress)

Marigold Lawton


Ria Cole


Weather - Coastal 03.02.2016: The first workshop of the year -Some very atmospheric paintings and a vibrant workshop. Tracey and I are glad to be back after our winter break!


Ria Cole (work in progress - large canvas)


Alan Karn

Elizabeth Smith


Maureen Read

Lauren Taylor


Janet White (work in progress - large canvas)


Pat Roe

2015 Workshops

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. : Workshop Feedback

      Went to my first workshop today -  and absolutely loved it. 
      It was such a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I'm really looking forward to my next one.





. : Workshop Feedback

      How I love coming to the is a very relaxed place to paint. You have inspired me so much, every time we come to stay in Cornwall, I try and get to a session.


      I come away full of enthusiasm.


      Janice Bone