At Cornwall Art Studio we offer a relaxed and informal environment to develop your artistic skills. Have a look at the paintings in our Gallery to see art that has been created by participants in our Workshops, some of whom have never painted before.

All of the paintings have been completed in a 4 hour workshop.


Birds 28/02/2017: We had an array of birds to select from and it was a very interesting workshop, creating feathers using a fan brush and concentrating on composition and form.


Nancy Mappley

Alison Newman


Lesley-Ann Eaton

Jenny Wiseman


Alan Karn

Pat Trevarton


Waxwing (work in progress)

Caroline Clarke


Confectionery 22/02/2017: A fun and colourful workshop and we got to eat the still life exhibits!


Lauren Taylor

Caz Waters


Teresa Snell

Lindsey Taylor


Anne Beswetherick (work in progress)

Maureen Read


How to create distance in your land/seascape 21/02/2017: First day back in the Studio after a couple of weeks and we were looking at the techniques you need to create a 3D effect in your painting.


Judi Hunter

Elizabeth Barnard


Erica Wakely

Work in progress


Sheila Skinner (work in progress)

Lesley Ann Eaton


Di Pescod




Expressive landscapes through Colour - Fauvism 01/02/2017: What a wonderful colourful workshop! Many of these paintings have hidden meanings expressed through the colours used.


Andreya Bennett

Annick Buller


Caroline Waters

Janice Waters



Lindsey Taylor


Sallie Blackford


Trevor Coxage




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. : Workshop Feedback

      Went to my first workshop today - and absolutely loved it.
      It was such a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I'm really looking forward to my next one.





. : Workshop Feedback

      How I love coming to the is a very relaxed place to paint. You have inspired me so much, every time we come to stay in Cornwall, I try and get to a session.


      I come away full of enthusiasm.


      Janice Bone