J Cole (30 June)



C Martin (30 June)

K Chapman (30 June)


M Gibbons (30 June)

S Selleck (30 June)


J Cole (26 June)

H Bunday (26 June)


M Gibbons (26 June)

L Tracy (26 June)


J Breach (26 June)

C Stuchbury (26 June)


C Martin (19 June)




M Gibbons (19 June)

M Gibbons (19 June)


J Cole (19 June)

K Chapman (19 June)


O Grint (19 June)

I Grint (19 June)


A Buller (12 June)

J Cole (12 June)


M Field (12 June)

Zaria (12 June)

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. : Workshop Feedback

      Thanks to Tracey and Julia, the last couple of months have been fantastic.


      I have been going to workshops since May 1st, and have loved every minute. So much fun, very friendly and encouraging, I never thought I would be able to produce work like this. But both Tracey and Julia are so supportive and I have learnt so much.


      Thanks again, I would recommend this to everyone. It has helped me overcome so much, and given me so much, I am addicted.


      Michelle Gibbons