At Cornwall Art Studio we offer a relaxed and informal environment to develop your artistic skills. Have a look at the paintings in our Gallery to see art that has been created by participants in our Workshops, some of whom have never painted before.

Most of the paintings have been completed in a 4 hour workshop.



'Sound of the Sea' Theme 25/06/2013: Another wonderful session with an in depth look at the ocean waves. We literally had the sound of the sea in the background as well with a CD playing! Fantastic paintings created from this theme, which we shall have to repeat again in the future.


Karen Fido (25 June)


Michelle Gibbons (25 June)

Brian Worrall (25 June)


June Cole (25 June)

Lucy Worrall (18 June)


'Sound of the Sea' theme 18/06/2013: What a fantastic session we have had today! Lots of laughter and the paintings below speak for themselves - our talented participants should be very proud. The paintings have movement and atmosphere; you can almost hear the crashing of those waves.

Debbie Gifford (18 June)


June Cole (18 June)

Sarah Mckeown (18 June)


Jenny Gardner (18 June)

Patricia Penrose (18 June)


Sandra Marten (18 June)

Chris Martin (18 June)


'Atmosphere in Acrylics' theme 12/06/2013: at our Evening Workshop we looked at bluebell woods & evening sunsets, creating atmosphere in the paintings with the use of colour and brush techniques. Michelle completed her Camel Estuary painting with sea thrift and azure seas.

Michelle Gibbons (12 June)


Karen Pusey (12 June)


Philip Dawes (12 June)

Karen Porter (12 June)


'Estuary Views' theme 11/06/2013: a wonderful session today with 3 impressive Estuary paintings completed and one larger piece to be finished at our Evening workshop tomorrow. June also skillfully completed her large atmospheric painting of a church on Dartmoor at today's workshop.

June Cole (11 June)


Patricia Penrose (11 June)


Sandra Marten (11 June)

Sarah Mckeown (11 June)


'Estuary Views' theme 04/06/2013: two of our participants used a more impressionistic approach today, whilst two participants worked using more traditional techniques. We also had one artist working on a larger canvas.

Two of the paintings from this session are still 'works in progress' and will be featured in the Gallery at a later date.

Chris Martin (4 June)

Michelle Gibbons (4 June)


Eva Kocianova (4 June)

June Cole (4 June)




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. : Workshop Feedback

      Thanks to Tracey and Julia, the last couple of months have been fantastic.


      I have been going to workshops since May 1st, and have loved every minute. So much fun, very friendly and encouraging, I never thought I would be able to produce work like this. But both Tracey and Julia are so supportive and I have learnt so much.


      Thanks again, I would recommend this to everyone. It has helped me overcome so much, and given me so much, I am addicted.


      Michelle Gibbons