At Cornwall Art Studio we offer a relaxed and informal environment to develop your artistic skills. Have a look at the paintings in our Gallery to see art that has been created by participants in our Workshops, some of whom have never painted before.

All of the paintings have been completed in a 4 hour workshop.


Paint it Big! 30/12/2016: Focusing in on a singular object. This proved to be a very challenging workshop, but we are so delighted to show you the wonderful resulting canvases.


Lyndsey Taylor

Ria Cole


Jenny Lugg
Study of a kiwi - work in progress

Study of a dandelion head
- work in progress


Sheila Skinner

Caroline Clarke


Mollie Goodman (work in progress)




Cornwall Art Studio @ Trevone 29/11/2016: What a fantastic session we had at Trevone Memorial Hall and such a high standard was achieved by everyone.


Alison Newman

Jan Creffield


Jeanne Allen

Ann Johnson


Jan Fisher

Lisa Bray


Maureen Read

Pat Scarborough


Rene Kershaw

Sue Bird


Seascape - mixed media on a canvas panel 23/11/2016: With 40x40cm panels, we were painting with acrylics as normal, but many other materials to add interest. Thread, charcoal, pastels, newspaper, tissue, texture paste, acrylic inks, sponges, bubble wrap and many more items were used today. What fantastic paintings and you could hear a pin drop in the studio as the concentration levels were so high!


Nicole Collis

Erica Wakely


Lyndsey Taylor

Shirley Enfor


Gemma Old

Deborah Old


Annick Buller

Martine Mcpherson


Christmas Cards 23/11/2016: Another session painting winter images suitable for use as Christmas cards. We even ate mince pies to get us in the festive mood! Some lovely paintings and we are looking forward to seeing the resulting cards that our participants produce.


Sarah Chinnery

Caroline New


Sam Old

Work in progress


Phillip Tucker

Janet Rattenbury


Caroline Clarke




The Lighthouse 16/11/2016: A busy session and what an interesting subject. We have looked at the lighthouses of Cornwall and worked on composition and detail. A very varied range of scenes - Godrevy, Trevose & Newlyn with some sunny skies and some stormy seas.


Lindsay Taylor

Erica Wakely


Anne Beswetherick

Hazel Maclaren


Jenny Wiseman

Sue Davis


Peter Cleasby

(work in progress)


Break in the Clouds 15/11/2016: Watery light filtering through a break in the clouds - creating an atmospheric landscpae or seascape. Work on the different layers and a light touch to create the perfect clouds.


Becki Weedon

Erica Wakely


Judi Hunter

Karen Partridge


Julie Robinson

Peter Cleasby


Janet Rattenbury




Cornwall Art Studio @ Crantock 11/11/2016: Tracey and I thoroughly enjoyed running a workshop at the Crantock Methodist Chapel. We are overwhelmed by the high standard of the paintings produced. What a fantastic workshop with a Waves, Rocks, Surf theme.


Trees 09/11/2016: Working on composition and creating the impression of distance through the trees. An enjoyable workshop and some fantastic paintings produced.


Judy Hunter

Annick Buller


Lauren Taylor

Lindsey Taylor


Loraine Kenney

Alan Karn


Caroline Clarke




Christmas Cards 08/11/2016: We were getting prepared for Christmas & painting canvases that are suitable to be made into unique Christmas Cards. A range of different scenes, mostly iconic Cornish winter views.


Lauren Taylor

Dawn Clayton


(work in progress)

Karen Partridge


Judi Pyke

Mollie Potter


Sarah Cox




Waterfalls 02/11/2016: We worked on how to create the movement and flow of water at the session today - some very atmospheric paintings!`


Erica Wakely (work in progress)

Janet White


Jenny Lugg

Elizabeth Barnard


Laura Jefferson (work in progress)

Ria Cole



Amanda Jefferson


Caroline Clarke




Secluded Coves 01/11/2016: What a fantastic theme and there were so many images to choose from of coves in Cornwall; Kynance, Readymoney, Porthgwarra, Church Cove and more. I hope you enjoy looking at the wonderful canvases from today's session.


Maggie Reid

Celia Jayne


Ann Johnson

Laura Booth


Philip Tucker

Val Lowe


Anna Turpin

Marigold Lawton



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. : Workshop Feedback

      Went to my first workshop today - and absolutely loved it.
      It was such a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I'm really looking forward to my next one.





. : Workshop Feedback

      How I love coming to the is a very relaxed place to paint. You have inspired me so much, every time we come to stay in Cornwall, I try and get to a session.


      I come away full of enthusiasm.


      Janice Bone