At Cornwall Art Studio we offer a relaxed and informal environment to develop your artistic skills. Have a look at the paintings in our Gallery to see art that has been created by participants in our Workshops, some of whom have never painted before.

All of the paintings have been completed in a 4 hour workshop.



Still Life 23/10/2013: At our evening session we challenged our participants to paint a Still Life composition. This is not an easy task, particularly in the limited time available (only 2½ hours!). However, everyone took on the plate of peppers with enthusiasm and the results are wonderful. We also had one amazing Seascape to add to our series of paintings this evening - a reminder of summer days on the Cornish coast.


Anne Conder (23 October)

Dale Jones (23 October)


Karen Porter (23 October)

Philip Dawes (23 October)


Lynne Ward (23 October)
Work in progress

Karen Pusey (23 October)


Tin Mines 22/10/2013: Tin Mines is one of our most favourite themes! These magnificent relics of Cornwall's mining heritage make a wonderful subject for an art workshop. Everyone has their own interpretation of the subject as the variety of paintings illustrate. We also have a 'work in progress' of a flower arrangement that was started today. You will have to wait for the next workshop to see a photo of this, but I guarantee that it will be worth the wait.


Nikki Hatch (22 October)

Anne Conder (22 October)


Debbie Gifford (22 October)

June Cole (22 October)


Michelle Gibbons (22 October)


Pat Roe (22 October)

Maggie Moore (22 October)


Impressions of Cornwall 8/10/2013: We had a very relaxed and creative session today. Firstly, Michelle completed her large canvas of a semi abstract seascape. Everyone else painted in an Impressionist style and the results were extremely impressive; poppy fields, bluebell woods and tea gardens. What an array of wonderful paintings.


Michelle Gibbons (8 October)


Carolyn Ramsbottom (8 October)

Nikki Hatch (8 October)


Chris Martin (8 October)

Marigold Lawton (8 October)


June Cole (8 October)


Rocks 1/10/2013: Another workshop filled with fantastic creativity mixed with laughter. The time seemed to fly by today. Everyone was so productive and we actually finished at 2pm which is nearly unheard of! Can you believe that all the paintings below were accomplished in a single workshop? One of our participants is working on a much larger canvas with a more abstract piece and we will publish this on our Gallery when it is complete.


Marigold Lawton (1 October)

June Cole (1 October)


Pat Roe (1 October)


Jenny Gardner (1 October)

Work in Progress, Gough's Cave - Cheddar

Jenny Gardner (1 October)

Completed painting which was started on 24 Sept





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. : Workshop Feedback

      Thanks to Tracey and Julia, the last couple of months have been fantastic.


      I have been going to workshops since May 1st, and have loved every minute. So much fun, very friendly and encouraging, I never thought I would be able to produce work like this. But both Tracey and Julia are so supportive and I have learnt so much.


      Thanks again, I would recommend this to everyone. It has helped me overcome so much, and given me so much, I am addicted.


      Michelle Gibbons