At Cornwall Art Studio we offer a relaxed and informal environment to develop your artistic skills. Have a look at the paintings in our Gallery to see art that has been created by participants in our Workshops, some of whom have never painted before.

All of the paintings have been completed in a 4 hour workshop.

2014 Workshops

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Estuary Birds 22/10/2014: A lively evening session and great paintings of our local bird life. Lots of use of the fan brush to create an impression of feathers & careful composition of the paintings have resulted in some very accomplished work.


Hazel Maclaren

Loraine Kenney


Anne Beswetherick (work in progress)

Michelle Gibbons


Jenny Lugg (work in progress)


Molly Mees

Philip Dawes


Simeon Leete




Afternoon Tea 16/10/2014: A wonderful still life session, recreating the atmosphere of an Afternoon Tea.


Nicola Rowles

Michelle Gibbons


June Cole

Debbie Gifford


Fruit 14/10/2014: We filled the studio with fruit today & enjoyed exploring the tones & shades to create the perfect pear and most luscious lemon.


Anne Beswetherick

Nikki Hatch


Marigold Lawton




From the Dunes 07/10/2014: Definitely my personal favourite workshop format, today we used the in-studio monitor to sketch an image, and then used our sketches to paint a canvas. Such an interesting exercise in testing your observation skills. Thoroughly enjoyable & all the participants felt that they learned a huge amount from this exercise.

On Thursday 9 October, there will not be a workshop. However, we will be opening the Studio from 10am - 2pm for anyone who wants to come along and view the paintings we have available.


Anne Beswetherick

Loraine Kenney


Michelle Gibbons


Coastline Impressionism 02/10/2014: A vibrant workshop focusing on techniques that the Impressionist painters would have used. Applying this style to create paintings depicting the coastline of Cornwall.


Barbara Sugden

Carolyn Ramsbottom


Janet Hall

Jenny Gardner


Laura Booth

Simone Kennett

2013 Workshops

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2012 Workshops




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. : Workshop Feedback

      A huge thank you to Tracey and Julia for making me feel so welcome and giving me, a complete beginner, the enthusiasm and confidence to try Acrylics for the first time.


      I have come home with all kinds of ideas to get onto canvas. To those of you that doubt your ability - have a go, it is very liberating.


      Jenny Gardner


. : Workshop Feedback

      We loved the session. Enjoyed the gentle tuition, good humour and studio set up. We hadn't used acrylics before and found it a rewarding experience. Definitely would recommend the workshop.


      Pat Stroud & Linsey Nathan